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Play-Based Learning at school called Learning Centers

One of the ways that Maple Bear Arequipa incorporates play with learning is through what is known as “learning centres”.

There are different learning areas in each classroom dedicated to our students to work with their teachers and with their friends when they return to school.

The learning centre areas at Maple Bear are designed to provide opportunities for students to explore, discover and apply skills that are derived from the curriculum.

They promote critical, creative thinking, and collaborative skills and allow the children to work in small groups or have a rich learning session with their teachers.

Here’s an example of what a Maple Bear learning centre activity looks like:

The teacher introduces each activity to make sure that the students know what is expected of them. Teachers assist, observe and take notes of children´s progress. Learning centres allow the teacher to work with students  and observe how each student is doing, both socially and academically.

Even though there is lots of preparation required of the teachers, centres are an excellent learning format because they encourage responsibility and independence that will prepare the young children for elementary.

And most importantly, the students have fun while learning.

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